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Real Art Tacoma Presents: For the Likes of You, Into The Flood, AVOID, Vultures Above Us, A Taste Of Daylight, 2KLIX

Real Art Tacoma Presents:

For the Likes of You
Into The Flood
Vultures Above Us
A Taste Of Daylight

$7 ADVANCE // $10 D.O.S. // 6:00 P.M. // 7:00 P.M.
Load-in at 5:00P.M.

READY TO GET SPOOKED??? Here at Real Art, we are too! Halloween is coming up and we have every desire to make this one the best one yet!

Some event details:

COSTUME CONTEST! (More details to be announced soon) THERE WILL BE PRIZES!!!

FREE CANDY! Ray is planning on bringing a supply of candy bars to hand out to people who are going to miss out on trick or treating by coming to the show! Because why walk 6 miles getting bite sized candy from strangers when you could go to a safe place where everyone knows you and get FULL SIZED CANDY BARS!!! ANYBODY WILLING TO CONTRIBUTE CANDY PLEASE CONTACT RAY BUDWORTH V ON FACEBOOK, or at (253)625-1634

FREE SFX MAKE UP WITH PRE SALE PURCHASE! Malia Villani has offered to provide SFX make up FREE OF COST to people who have purchased a PRE SALE TICKET!!! At this show, no matter where you buy, tickets are $10, but only an Etix proof of purchase will get you free make up. Make sure to keep up to date with the event and we will post the full details soon!

**** Reminder that Real Art is a 100% Drug & Alcohol free space. We have awesome all volunteer staff and we strive to maintain a safe, inclusive and supportive community. Please consider the personal space you take up and respect those around you. Our venue is wheelchair accessible & has gender neutral bathrooms. Please ask if you have any questions. ****