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Clyde Villain, Yardsss∅∀‡, Trusty Sea Creatures & More!

Clyde Villain | 10:45-11:15

[R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul] (Tacoma)


Yardsss∅∀‡ | 10:00-10:30

[Post-Art, Musicology] (PDX)


Trusty Sea Creatures | 9:15-9:45

[Alternative Indie Pop] (Tacoma)


Axi-Ohm | 8:35-9:00

[Live painting & Electronic Set] (Tacoma)


Broken Shell | 8:00-8:20

[Electronic Post Electro Grunge Musical Performance]


Video Channel Energy Media

Providing visuals


JP | 7:30-7:45



7:30 START


$10 D.O.S.

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**** Reminder that Real Art is a 100% Drug & Alcohol free space. We have awesome all volunteer staff and we strive to maintain a safe, inclusive and supportive community. Please consider the personal space you take up and respect those around you. Our venue is wheelchair accessible & has gender neutral bathrooms. Please ask if you have any questions. ***