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Flying Fish Cove, Ketamine Cat

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Real Art Tacoma Presents:


Seattle, Wa






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BIO: “Flying Fish Cove are a subtle supergroup that is rife with cosmic energy, flowing in all directions. every. single. member! Think magic, unicorns, prism power, Moomin.”

-- Camp Daze Fest, 2018

Flying Fish Cove are a Seattle-based jangle-pop band that explore the cloud behind the silver lining (not that you could tell without paying close attention to the lyrics). The band is helmed by Dena Zilber, an upstate New York transplant by way of Athens, Ga. Zilber is an accomplished visual artist and led her own project El Hollin while living in Athens. Common themes run through all of her art: playful scenes or elements (carousels, unicorns, human-sized mice); intimate time spent with friends having a heart-to-heart on the couch or snuggling in bed when you can't afford to turn the heat on in your 100+ year-old house; a blur between the coziest, most meaningful small moments in life and a dreamworld filled with immortal cats, treehouses, and spontaneous parades. Everything sounds whimsical, but all of her art -- visual and musical -- hones in on the perpetual longing for those places and times, knowing they are not usually part of the present and they never last long. Their songs eternally pine for those memories while in the midst of a long day at work or on an all-day drive to the next show. As a live band, Flying Fish Cove are so charming and oozing with a collective cosmic energy (and dazzling guitar riffs) that you can't help but get lost in the moment with them.

Ketamine Cat

Aylen Trees

$10 D.O.S.


SHOW: 8:00 PM

**** Reminder that Real Art is a 100% Drug & Alcohol free space. We have awesome all volunteer staff and we strive to maintain a safe, inclusive, and supportive community. Please consider the personal space you take up and respect those around you. Our venue is wheelchair accessible and has gender neutral bathrooms. Please ask if you have any questions. ****