Safer Spaces

We aim to be a safer and inclusive space which means we do not tolerate things including but not limited to harmful, violent, assault (sexual or otherwise) racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, size-ist speech, behaviors or actions.

By entering this space you agree to being committed to preventing violence, harassment, sexual or otherwise particularly against marginalized groups including but not limited to womxn, minors, LGBTQ+, POC and more.

You also agree that you do not have a criminal history of committing hate crimes, violence, sexual abuse, rape, molestation, assault, stalking or physical abuse.

You also agree that you are not found in violation or investigation of Title IX offenses based on sexual discrimination at any educational institutions you are affiliated with.

You also agree not to have any protection or restraining orders filed against you.

All person’s in position of power are subject to a background check to confirm absence of criminal history as noted above.

If anyone violates these policies, they will be warned, asked to leave, banned from booking or entering our space for a designated amount of time per show manager, volunteer coordinator and/or lease-holder discretion effective immediately.  Should an appeal be requested a board of qualified peers and venue staff may review each case which could include show manager, volunteer coordinator, lease holder or security manager.


Our process for booking, internships and volunteering prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran.


We do not allow weapons or pyrotechnics at any of our events as it may violate fire code and endanger the safety of staff, volunteers, patrons and performers. Each performer, artist, volunteer, patron, staffer agrees not to block any and all emergency exits and pathways and to keep entryways smoke free at least 25 feet from each doorway.

EXCERPT from Real Art Handbook

Real Art Tacoma is committed to being a safer space, which requires measurable action from everyone. In addition to not engaging in harassment or bullying, we expect that everyone in our space will become educated about the issues facing our community and be supportive of the patrons, volunteers, and artists at our venue. Because we operate as a team, there are many people who can address concerns you may have about our space, our community, and our operations. Show managers, leaseholders, and volunteer coordinators are responsible for making sure your concerns are noted and addressed. If you feel unsafe or disrespected at Real Art, please let someone know as soon as possible. You can call our office at (253) 212-0029.

Some thoughts on safer spaces from Neil Campau who ran the website ‘’ – currently run by Alyssa Giannin (they/them).

While you’re thinking about this, please don’t get discouraged and/or overwhelmed, thinking that you have to directly address all these things in order to be “doing it right.” A good first step is to open up conversations about all of these things with your friends and the broader community:
Not many people feel comfortable in a dirty, cluttered space. • Events that only include white, cis-gender male performers usually don’t represent the majority of your audience. • Some people can’t stand for extended lengths of time or climb stairs. • Some people are uncomfortable around drunk people. • Some people are allergic to fragrances, smoke, and certain foods or pets. • Nobody likes to have political or religious agendas pushed on them. • Some people don’t identify as their assumed gender. • Some people have kids. • Some people are very uncomfortable in small or crowded spaces. • Some people can’t hear or see or speak. • Good security culture is essential to many people’s safety. • Sexism, racism, queerphobia, ageism, ableism, rape, and the like are rampant and very much perpetuated in everyday life.  Many people are fed up.

But, don’t feel discouraged. Our venue is committed to addressing these pervasive problems together so we can ALL enjoy music and events together.

Resources on safer spaces are available in the venue, and on and part of our monthly meetings are devoted to discussing safer spaces practices and applying these practices to our venue.

Reasonable Accommodations
If you identify as a person with a disability you have a right to what is called a Reasonable Accommodation at work, and here at Real Art! Reasonable accommodations can cover most things related to fulfilling tasks and having equal access to our facilities and our operations.
Let us know what you require and we will do our best to serve you.