Real Art Tacoma staff is compiled of volunteers who are members of the community we are trying to serve. Being run by volunteers, we are able to keep our door prices low and able to provide sliding scale entry so that way anyone who wants to attend a show will not be turned away for lack of funds. Our volunteers learn the ins and outs of how to run vital functions of the venue. No one is turned away from volunteering, and each volunteer can dedicate as little or as much time to the venue as they would like.

These are examples of what a volunteer can contribute at Real Art Tacoma:

  • Booking shows
  • Show management
  • Promoting shows
  • Working sound
  • Working front door
  • Working concessions
  • Protecting and watching band gear or helping bands load in or out
  • Street team promotion
  • Cleaning and maintaining the venue
  • Other misc help

When volunteers work a show they can expect rewards for their help by accumulating time via punch cards to gain entry to a certain amount of shows per month for free of their choice with a friend. 

We all thank you for your time and effort in helping all ages music in Tacoma.


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