Weepwave, Merivida, Elm, Aylen Trees

Real Art Tacoma Presents Weepwave, Merivida, Elm, Aylen Trees

We had a SUPER strong start to the week with Friday leading things off. It was John O'Leary a.k.a. Aylen Trees Birthday and I'm pretty sure we had the best crowd for him as a birthday present. So well deserved as Aylen Trees has often supported us through out the years and has been one of the most consistent and reliable artists we've worked with. Everyone was active on social media and it showed. Aylen Trees also tried an electric set for the first time.

We also saw one of our own volunteers on stage. Leo and his band Elm really rocked the house along with tons of Nirvana covers through out the weekend.

Weepwave was phenomenal per usual and a few volunteers perked up when horns were blasted in the mix. Head has shifted into a heavier direction. The clear stand out for the night however was Merivida. Merivida got the crowd jumping, laughing dancing and promoted HARD all week. It was super fun and appreciated. They captured video and Ahren is giving them audio so hopefully we can have a cool video of their set. Hoping to see them again in January with their new album release.

Jean Pierre GarciaComment