What's Up Zine Showcase

Real Art Tacoma Presents:

What’s Up


Live Readings from contributors:

Nico Shanks (local writer/poet) and Jabez Choi also were interested in doing a live reading of some of their work

Yuri's Mini Zine Expo brought back HUGH from the east coast and Josie Trueblood back into our space with their own zines and yerscene. What's up had their own merch and zines. The Bumbling Woohas checked in and tons of new poetry in the coffee shop. Thank you to Sarah and Lily for showing up early to set up the two tables and a few chairs. Any more tables would have been crowded. It was an excellent use of the space and I think it was a great turn out. Well done Yuri! Can't wait to do another one soon!

Jean Pierre GarciaComment